How To Properly Work Out Your Legs While Staying Inside?

How To Properly Work Out Your Legs While Staying Inside?

Whether you just want to look good on the beach, squat a little more weight at the gym, run a little faster or just aid your overall athleticism, you always need to remember that the quadriceps are actually a very big muscle and legs are 40% of your body, so you must not neglect them.

Maybe you are injured and cannot go to the gym. Or you’ve managed to lock yourself in the house for three days. Or maybe you’re just bored and have a few dumbbells at home. These are all irrelevant, but there are plenty of reasons as to why you would resort to working out inside. And this guide is supposed to help you pick the most efficient exercises.

You won’t need a lot of space. For instance, some apartments for rent in West Hartford CT advertise the fact that they have a lot of space for indoor activities. But a lot of space is not necessary at all.

Whether you live in those Hartford apartments or smaller, peripheral ones, you can try these exercises anyway.

First of all, sumo squats are among the best ones for glute, hamstrings and quads development. You just need a dumbbell that will be placed between your legs. Depending on how heavy the weight is, you can either do sets of 5 or sets of 8-12. It’s a matter of choice since hypertrophy depends on volume, which is roughly the number of hard sets x repetitions x weight. You need to point your toes apart and squat beyond parallel. Have a slow and controlled movement.

Burpees are bodyweight exercise that also works your lower back and your abdominals. You need to lower down and get up very quickly while using your hands as well as if you were getting ready to run but then chose to return to the initial position. Do sets of 20 reps.

Jump squats are also a bodyweight exercise. Obviously, you will need to squat beyond parallel and, from that position, all you’ll have to do is jump. Repeat this for five sets of 20 repetitions.

These exercises are a quick way of keeping your muscle mass. If you’re a beginner, you might even have a chance of developing some more muscle mass thanks to your neuronal adaptations. However, the exercises are not hypertrophy nor strength-based. If you want to develop either of those properly, you will eventually have to pick a gym.

If you’re going to move any soon, try to use the apartment finder services to find some places with inbuilt gyms and free memberships for the residents. Until then, keep working out, take enough rest time and eat at a surplus if you’re looking to grow yourself.